We are a company that has been offering this service for more than 60 years, through several companies.


Currently, these services are provided through SEVEN MEDICAL ASSISTANCE.


Down below are our protocols:


Following our philosophy of an integral service, the main features of our assistance consists in offering a complete medical assistance directed to crew or passengers requiring assistance in any medical specialty.


We have services in Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Preventive Medicine (medical examinations), Dermatology, Traumatology/Orthopedics, X-Rays and Laboratory. We also have agreements with clinics and hospitals of first level equipped with the latest technology offering emergency services in all specialties.


This collaboration agreement is concluded with Hospital El Pilar-Quiron Salud however, if the patient is admitted in any other medical centre, public or private, in Barcelona city or in the metropolitan area, we offer the same service (daily checks through our escort service to maintain the patient informed of their medical status).


Currently, we are in the middle of an expansion process that will cover all the Spanish ports. We hope that in a period of 9-12 months we could achieve this project.



Operation of the services:


  • Services are usually requested by e-mail or over the phone.


  • From the same moment, we contact the centre/clinic or hospital that must do the service, sending fax/email authorizing the service.


  • The same fax/e-mail is sent to the agency or person who requested the service, so if it is possible, they can provide it to the patient so upon arrival at the centre they will present the authorization of the service.


  • When service is performed directly by our specialists at our facilities, the operation mentioned above is not necessary.


  • To avoid problems in the fax/email is the name, address and phone number of the collaborating centre.


  • After being visited and in the case that any medication is required, the same taxi driver goes to our concerted pharmacy to provide the medicines to the patient.


  • From our centre we coordinate the transfer (taxi).


  • Once the service is done, we send an e-mail informing that the patient is already going back onboard.


  • In case of admission on the hospital, we offer an escort service that will visit the patient every day and will maintain the patient informed of their medical status.


  • When the patient is discharge from the hospital the escort service will come along with the patient to the hotel continuing with the patient every day visit if needed.


  • Also at the moment the patient should go to the airport to be repatriated the escort service will come along with the patient to help with the check-in.



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